I’m Lynne Fredrickson, Certified Life and Wellness Coach.
True freedom, peace and joy begins when we get deeply connected.

Discover Your Path to Freedom

I’m Lynne Fredrickson, Certified Life and Wellness Coach.
True freedom, peace and joy begins when we get deeply connected.

Discover Your Path to Freedom

What if you could snap your fingers and your life - just as you dreamed it - suddenly appeared?

Would you do it?

Would it terrify you a little or would you joyfully run toward it full-speed ahead?

Sometimes when we’re given the chance to make big changes, it can be frightening. So much so, that it becomes easier to live our life as it is – no matter how dissatisfied or unhappy we might be with ourselves or the current state of our life.

Until now...

“When I trust myself, I am trusting the very wisdom that created me.”

Wayne Dyer

I can get you past the hurdles that have stopped you in the past.

Even if you’ve tried other things, I’ll provide you with the tools, support and structure to awaken a new you.

I know you’ve dreamed about this, but let’s do this together for a moment.

Picture yourself sitting at home relaxed enough to release the tension built up in your shoulders. Feeling like your life is truly fulfilled in every area – home, relationships, family, work, personal development. You feel stronger than you ever have and are confident that you’re setting a good example for your children. Finally free of the anxiety that has hounded you for years, you book that trip you didn’t even dare think was possible.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Mary Walsh

"From the moment that I met Lynne, she exuded a wonderful sense of passion, warmth, sensitivity, and kindness. In my coaching sessions with her, I felt her constant loving presence combined with the skill to teach and guide me forward. Her direct, compassionate and fun approach is just what I needed when I needed it. I sleep at night and I don’t feel the weight of anxiety and depression anymore. In certain situations if I start to feel anxious, I’m more aware of it and I know how to let go of it and get on with my day! Because of my work with Lynne, my relationships are better. I feel happy. My life is forever changed!"

- Mary Walsh

Madison, Wisconsin

Betsy White

"At Christmas, both my sister and I noticed that Mom seemed more calm and happy. She was fun to be with, more like how she was 10 years ago when Dad was still alive. I asked her what changed for her and she told me about sessions with her coach, Lynne. She said, “I just love Lynne! She's teaching me ways to feel more like myself. She's helping me let go of my worries, frustration and anger.
My sister and I agreed that we loved Lynne then, too! We loved how good Mom looked and how much more at peace she seemed!"

- Betsy White

Appleton, Wisconsin (Daughter of Client)

Joanne B.

"Lynne’s system has changed my life. I used to wake up anxious every day and that would set the tone for my whole day. It was a pattern for most of my life. I didn’t realize how truly awful I felt until I worked with Lynne and quickly started feeling better. I learned the real cause of my anxiety and with her help, I began to feel so much better. Before I was going through the motions. Now, I love my life! My family doesn’t recognize me anymore……in a good way!"
-Joanne B.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Susan R

"Gratitude is what I truly feel for the forces of energy that directed me to Lynne and her Anxiety Detox System. Even with the free information I initially received from her, it immediately began to speak to me. I started practicing the exercises and methods she taught me and I learned the root of my anxiety. BINGO! My Conditioned/False Self had taken over my life and I had been emotionally numb. If you haven’t signed up for anything yet from Lynne, you should. Thank you Lynne for following your True Self and reaching out to help others! God Bless!"

-Susan R.

Grand Rapids, MI


Victoria Lahr

“Lynne has such a gentle, calming presence about her that has been so helpful to me when I start to let situations get me in a whirlwind of emotions. Lynne just "gets it"! Her personal experience in addition to her professional expertise allow her to skillfully and compassionately coach others through real life challenges. She keeps me accountable to work on and focus on what is important and what I really want my life to be! I am so thankful for Lynne’s coaching and support.”

Victoria Lahr, Shoreview MN


Keesh Schmidt

“As I approached retirement and reflected on my life, I realized I was always taking care of everyone else, so much so that I didn’t know who I was anymore. I was frequently anxious and lacked self-confidence. Lynne helped me to become aware of when and how I was using my care for others to avoid caring for and loving myself. This awareness made it easier to set loving boundaries with others. I’ve always been a spiritual person and my work with Lynne brought my connection to a new level resulting in feelings of freedom, peace and love and care of myself. Thank you Lynne!”

- Keesh Schmidt

Minneapolis, MN

I coach people to let go of fear and anxiety and make room for passion, purpose and freedom. Whether you're weighed down by health issues, trapped by perfection or simply feeling stuck...

I promise there's hope.

I’m passionate about helping women discover how incredibly beautiful life can be.

The methods I teach have helped thousands of women step up and step out – I know they can work for you too.

Let me help you discover the secret to living well and having it all.

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