When You Reconnect

Your Life Flows

It comes down to being connected.

Your mind races. You feel anxious. Life’s just not flowing the way you think it should. You stress about tomorrow and about the things you didn’t get to the day before – with every moment in between a reactive highway filled with tension and turmoil.

In the morning, the alarm rings and before your feet even hit the floor, you’re exhausted and every muscle in your body aches.

That was my every day. I would look at my husband as he peacefully stretched to begin his day with a smile and wonder, “how can he be that way?” I would have paid $1million for that kind of peace.

I remember being a sensitive child who absorbed my family’s stress and conflict. Wanting to help, but not knowing how, I internalized everything and became conditioned to worry. I was sad, self-doubting and fearful. I had frequent colds, headaches, stomach pains and as I got older – intermittent depression.

It was only natural that I pursue a career in health and wellness.

Unsurprisingly, anxiety and worry followed me into adulthood. I was now a successful perfectionist who thought I should have been able to kick this thing – but I spent my days struggling. In college, I changed my major 5 times, threw up before I had to speak in public and was often late to meetings at work because I had to make sure the oven wasn’t still on (it never was).

Simply managing my day-to-day life became too tough, so I finally sought help. Therapy, counseling and anti-anxiety/depression medication provided some relief, but the side effects left me feeling blah and a little automated. I was not myself.

By this point in my life, I had already developed a passion for health and wellness – after all, I was working as a Manager of a Health and Wellness Coaching team, helping others implement health and wellbeing programs and knew that the answer had to be out there. I then found a holistic life and wellness coaching program and finally discovered what I had been looking for my whole life – true and lasting relief.

Life Flows When You Feel Connected.

Being connected means that you know you’re not alone. Each one of us has the ability to connect with something bigger than ourselves – something deep within that can help you release all the worry and stress and provide you with the answers you’ve been searching for.

Instead of being run by fear, anxiety, self-doubt, anger or confusion, when you’re connected, your life is guided by trust, faith and purpose. Although being connected might mean something slightly different for each one of us – I can tell you that when you’re connected - to yourself, to a higher power, to your family, to your purpose, to joy - life just flows.

I understand what it means to feel judged.

I know what it means to numb, compare yourself to others and feel depressed. I also know what it means to let yourself be vulnerable and fully turn your life around. Each of my coaching and wellness programs is designed to help you reconnect (or even connect for the first time ever). Whether it’s one-on-one, in a group or in a corporate environment, my methods have helped thousands overcome challenges and live a happier life. As your coach, I promise to be compassionate and understanding, while gently directing you through the blocks that keep you from living your life.

P.S. What does being connected mean to you?

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Official bio (so you know I’m for real): With over 25 years in the health and wellness field including knowledge in the areas of cardiac and pulmonary rehab, prenatal exercise, spine rehabilitation, senior wellness and lasting behavior, I am passionate about helping you reach your goals. I graduated college from The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in Kinesiology and have been lucky to work in a wide range of health and wellness fields including personal training, wellness center management, rehabilitation, health and wellness coaching, consulting and team management. I am a certified holistic life coach, health and wellness coach, certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist. I currently live in Minnesota with my husband and daughter who are the main focus of everything I do and the joy that fills my world.

Lynn Fredrickson

Working with individuals, groups and companies, my passion is helping people develop deep connection, personal wellbeing and peace, that resonates in every area of life.

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