The Anxiety Detox System™

Break free from anxiety for good

What if you could change your "what if" thinking for good?

How many times a day does that statement run your life?

  • What if I leave the house and have a panic attack?
  • What if I do something stupid and they laugh at me?
  • What if my husband gets mad at me one more time because I can’t drive?
  • What if my kids notice how anxious I am?
  • Worse yet - what if my kids develop panic and anxiety just like me?

Anxiety disorders affects over 6 million people worldwide today. Women in particular face twice the risk of developing anxiety and depression during their lifetime, but unfortunately often go untreated or are only treated for the symptoms anxiety.

As a woman who struggled with anxiety, I know you’ve suffered long enough.

The Anxiety Detox System™ is the solution you’ve been waiting for to help you forever break free from “what if”.

“My mission is to empower women who struggle with anxiety to quickly and effectively release it in order to be present, fulfilled, strong and truly joyful in their lives!”

Lynne Fredrickson

Break Free From Fearful Thoughts and Anxiety For Good With the Anxiety Detox System™.

Believe it or not, you weren’t born this way. You aren’t weird or sensitive or simply not trying hard enough to get over this.

You’re also not alone.

I understand how you feel and know firsthand that you can get over anxiety and live a happy, fulfilled life without medication. I created the Anxiety Detox System to help women just like you find real anxiety relief.

I know you’ve probably tried multiple remedies that have failed or been a Band-Aid, that, once ripped off bring back the pain of anxiety full force. Medications that dull and behavioral methods that only treat the symptom, but don’t ever address the reason you have anxiety in the first place.

This 10-week in-depth program will help you discover the root cause of your anxiety so that you can reclaim control of your life permanently.

So much of what you’ve learned about anxiety is simply untrue. I’ll guide you toward a deeper understanding, greater awareness and help you adopt powerful techniques and tools to release anxiety quickly. When you free yourself from anxiety, you’ll make room for all the experiences you’ve held back from enjoying for years.

The Anxiety Detox System™ Process

Step 1: Awareness

Gaining understanding about how and when you experience anxiety is the first step to feeling calmer and at ease. During the initial phase, I’ll provide you with tools to help you identify where, when and how you experience anxiety so that can begin to release undesirable feelings.

Step 2: Inner Relationship

Because fear, negativity and anxiety separate us from who we were truly meant to be, we’ll explore the lies we tell ourselves when we’re in an anxious state. By uncovering our “wise self” we’ll explore the false beliefs that cause you to feel anxious and discover a powerful truth that will consciously move toward relief and a deeper connection with who you really are.

Step 3: Release

Using the Holistic Breakthrough Method™, you learn how to let go of the negativity and stop fueling your anxiety with this simple step-by-step process. Connect to your feelings, identify limiting beliefs and adopt loving behaviors. This strategy will allow you gain the courage and strength to finally let go of anxiety for good.

Step 4: Shift

Sometimes we have a tendency to return to old patterns. I’ll show you how to become more connected to the present moment and create a personalized plan to access the strategies that work for YOU so you can keep them your fingertips. You’ll also learn what it means to create and live your  new story – one where you feel empowered, strong and capable of achieving all the things you want in life.

The Holistic Breakthrough Method™ is used with permission from The Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching.

Life Is Meant to Be Experienced and Delighted. Begin Your Journey Today.

1:1 Coaching

Group Coaching

"Lynne’s system has changed my life. I used to wake up anxious every day and that would set the tone for my whole day. It was a pattern for most of my life. I didn’t realize how truly awful I felt until I worked with Lynne and quickly started feeling better. I learned the real cause of my anxiety and with her help, I began to feel so much better. Before I was going through the motions. Now, I love my life! My family doesn’t recognize me anymore……in a good way!"

Joanne B.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"From the moment that I met Lynne, she exuded a wonderful sense of passion, warmth, sensitivity, and kindness. In my coaching sessions with her, I felt her constant loving presence combined with the skill to teach and guide me forward. Her direct, compassionate and fun approach is just what I needed when I needed it. I sleep at night and I don’t feel the weight of anxiety and depression anymore. In certain situations if I start to feel anxious, I’m more aware of it and I know how to let go of it and get on with my day! Because of my work with Lynne, my relationships are better. I feel happy. My life is forever changed!"

Mary W.

Madison, Wisconsin